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Rainbow In The Sky - Paul Lippert's solo recording of playful songs to spur dancing, imagination, and good times. A treat for all ages, especially kids 2 and older.

The American Library Association's Booklist said this: "Mixing his own songs with those of popular children's songwriters and with arrangements of traditional tunes, Paul Lippert has created a memorable recording. There is well-thought-out variety here -- including a concertina-embellished "Over the River and Through the Woods," a rocking "Shake My Sillies Out," and a fun percussion arrangement of "Bingo." Production values are excellent, with a full complement of acoustic and electric instruments. . . Seemingly inspired by knowing what kids really like to hear, this collection will have no trouble finding an audience. Children's library selectors can buy with confidence."

Publishers Weekly called it "an enjoyable outing", and School Library Journal called it "a nice, solid recording". Check this out from the SLJ review: "The best song on the recording is Bob Ruzicka's "Hey Daddy", mostly due to a dynamite solo by Lippert's four-year-old daughter Sophie. She also adds her winning vocals to "Clara", an ode to her baby sister." Mama and papa are proud! (And you should hear her play the piano and cello now!)

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How Much for the Apples

Paul Lippert

Hey Daddy

Paul Lippert

Me and My Teddy Bear

Paul Lippert

Good Morning to the World

Paul Lippert

Over the River and Through the Wood

v:Lydia Maria Child m:traditional

Bubbles In My Bath

Paul Lippert

Shake My Sillies Out

Raffi, B. & B. Simpson


Jim Post

Where Are My Feelings?

Cathy Fink

Dance to Your Daddy

trad., arr. by J. Beckman

Silly Sally

Paul Lippert




Paul & Sophie Lippert


trad., arr. by P. Lippert

Branching Out

John Gorka

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